1st Quarter 2015

Venus Impera!
Ella es entre las diosas, la primera.
oil on canvas, 2014
Headless angels and broken alters lead me to a unique art opening in Managua, Nicaragua. It is the one-hundred year anniversary of the poem, Pax, by Rubin Dario, as well as the showcase for nineteen new works by Hugo Palm-Ibarra. Palma-Ibarra uses the inspiration of the poem in his new show, Armonia y Eternidad (Harmony & Eternity), located in his personal estate that includes his home, studio, museum and an abandoned church destroyed in the 1972 earthquake. Everywhere I look I see ingenious use of the debris creating monuments and contemporary designs.

The event starts at dusk, Wednesday, Feb 4, 2015 on the poemís centennial. I arrive with the owner, Joaquin Gomez, accompanied by Cristienne Dugan, the director of Galeria Pleyades, the finest art gallery in Managua.

People are meeting, wine and prosecco are going down easily in the warm evening in the outside terraces that surround a huge two-hundred- year-old tree.

FFA Curates Art for Luxury Hotel
The Inn at Rancho Santana, Nicaragua

You won't find the typical paintings of shells or silhouettes of sea horses decorating the walls at the new seaside resort at The Inn at Rancho Santana. What you will find are large original oil paintings of the flora and fauna of Central America, fine detailed Monoprints depicting the ocean views from the coast and under the sea, clever assemblages of reclaimed wood and sea glass and giant maps painted on tuno bark.

We commissioned the art from contemporary masters and artists from Nicaragua and Costa Rica. In the lobby you will enjoy the giant maps and painted gourds that were created by the Caribbean coast artist, Augusto Silva. Relaxing in your room you will admire Alejandro Villalobos's painted large trees and coastline abstracts and Lorena Villalobos's detailed elegant prints grouped over your bed.

Glyph paintings by Armando Mejia, inspired by the ancient cave drawings of Nicaragua, fill out the room decor and corridors. A walk along the breeze ways display the unique craftsmanship of Maria Renee Perez in the sea glass and reclaimed wood collages along with a series of doors to replicate the portals of old Granada. And the other public areas have works by Denis Nunez, Javier Valle-Perez, Marcia Salas and many more contemporary artists that will lead you to our new art gallery, Ford Fine Art II.

The Inn at Rancho Santana's Atrium
with collages by Maria Renee Perez

The Newest Central American Art Gallery
By Mark Ford

Suzanne Snider and I are pleased to announce the opening of Ford Fine Artís second gallery at The Inn at Rancho Santana, Nicaragua. With the collaboration of Galeria Pleyades in Managua, the Gallery at The Inn at Rancho Santana will be an important contribution to the art scene in Nicaragua.

Ford Fine Art, located in Delray Beach Florida, specializes in Latin American modern masters, including Diego Rivera, Francisco Toledo, Roberto Matta, Wifredo Lam, Ignacio Iturria ... and intends to build the most important collection of Central American masters anywhere, including Armando Morales, Carlos Merida, Benjamin Canas, Alejandro Arostegui, and Francisco Zuniga.

The gallery at The Inn at Rancho Santana, at nearly 100 square meters, will display paintings, water colors, drawings, etchings, mono prints and sculpture in bronze, wood and stone as well as the ceramics of internationally known potters. Large arching windows and doors allow natural light and we will use our own innovative design for hanging artwork on the walls and modular fixtures.

The grand opening celebration for the gallery will be Saturday, April 4th, during Semana Santa when many Nicaraguans will visit the coast for holidays.

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