1st Quarter 2015

FFA Curates Art for Luxury Hotel
The Inn at Rancho Santana, Nicaragua
By Suzanne Snider

You won't find the typical paintings of shells or silhouettes of sea horses decorating the walls at the new seaside resort at The Inn at Rancho Santana. What you will find are large original oil paintings of the flora and fauna of Central America, fine detailed Monoprints depicting the ocean views from the coast and under the sea, clever assemblages of reclaimed wood and sea glass and giant maps painted on tuno bark.

We commissioned the art from contemporary masters and artists from Nicaragua and Costa Rica. In the lobby you will enjoy the giant maps and painted gourds that were created by the Caribbean coast artist, Augusto Silva. Relaxing in your room you will admire Alejandro Villalobos's painted large trees and coastline abstracts and Lorena Villalobos's detailed elegant prints grouped over your bed.

Glyph paintings by Armando Mejia, inspired by the ancient cave drawings of Nicaragua, fill out the room decor and corridors. A walk along the breeze ways display the unique craftsmanship of Maria Renee Perez in the sea glass and reclaimed wood collages along with a series of doors to replicate the portals of old Granada. And the other public areas have works by Denis Nunez, Javier Valle-Perez, Marcia Salas and many more contemporary artists that will lead you to our new art gallery, Ford Fine Art II.

Detail with painting by Marcia Salas
The Inn at Rancho Santana opens March 1st in the coastal area of Tola and Rivas, just north of San Juan del Sur on the pacific coast of Nicaragua. It allows the 17 year old resort of Rancho Santana to offer 17 hotel accommodations to its complex of restaurant, bar, spas, stables, tennis courts and luxury pool area. It joins the town houses, condominiums, and elegant homes that comprise the over 1700 hectare property. The hotel was designed by Altevers Associates in California and the room furnishings by Aimee Altevers.

The Inn at Rancho Santana

Maps painted on tuno bark in the lounge

Bedroom detail with painting by Alejandro Villalobos

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