3rd Quarter 2014

Armando Morales has incredible range. His work is rooted in the Americas but often has the spirit of the European masters. Dense, mysterious jungles. Sensual fruits with fleshy curves. Modest nudes in muted tones. A dreamlike atmosphere. At once local and universal. Dynamic and unique.

Mujeres by Armando Morales

Created by one of the best known Central American artists, this work was dedicated to Armando Morales' patron and friend, the noted Cuban lawyer, author, and art critic José Gómez Sicre (1916 - 1991). It is inscribed, Para Papa Pepe Gómez Sicre con el cariño de siempre (To father Pepe Gómez Sicre with my affection, always). An avid promoter of contemporary Latin American artists, to many Sicre was like a father, for it was through his support and public lauding that many such artists as Morales gained their much-deserved notoriety.

A prolific Nicaraguan painter, Morales received a formal education at The School of Fine Arts of Managua, known for its rigorous classical curriculum. Morales's first love was the charcoal medium in which he greatly excelled, as this work, titled The Women, attests. The composition seems to pay homage to some of the greatest charcoal /pastel artists of the

Mujeres, 1979
pastel on craft paper  20" x 30"
19th century, namely Edgar Degas and Paul Cezanne, and skillfully laden with Morales' own meaningful iconography. In what appears to be a borrowing from both of the artists aforementioned, Morales has positioned an iron tub-like form at the foreground, to the right stands a large metallic fruit, the roundness of these forms producing a harmonious spatial relationship with the five aqueduct arcs that frame the background and hold the attention of the four figures in the center.

by Susanna Brooks, Curator of Japanese Art, Morikami Museum & Japanese Gardens

Ford Fine Art opening new gallery in Nicaragua

We are excited to be expanding our gallery to a second location at Rancho Santana, a world-class resort and residential community located on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua. It boasts 2,700 acres of rolling hills and two miles of rocky and dramatic shore, broken up by 5 beaches nestled in their own hideaways. The complex is scheduled to be completed late 2014/ early 2015.

Featured will be the modern masters of Latin America and specifically the art of Nicaraguan masters and contemporary artists. Pottery and sculpture of noted artisans will also fill the 900 square feet of gallery space. The welcome center, lounge areas and new accommodations throughout the inn will present pieces from master artists from Nicaragua and Costa Rica — artists whose works are recognized throughout Nicaragua and even internationally.

Armando Mejia Godoy paints the archeology and anthropology of Nicaragua. (see new works)

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