4th Quarter 2014

Elmar Rojas embraced the richness of his native land. Like Asturias, he used magical realism to instill his vision of Guatemala into his work. In his skillful hands, the mythical and the mysterious came alive. With a sculptor’s eye, he used expert shading to add dimension to his grim figures.

From the Director of Ford Fine Art...
Suzanne Snider

2014 continues to be an exciting year for Ford Fine Art. We are in the process of producing a book about Central American modern art and opening a gallery in Nicaragua, and we will be exhibiting in San Diego and Miami. Next month, I will be presenting a talk on collecting Latin American art and participating in a panel discussion.

We have come far since our formation in 2008. People often ask me how I got into specializing in Latin American art and Central American artists. And I enjoy telling my story:

After living in Costa Rica for five years, I partnered with a gallery owner, Eileen Mora (who still works with us), in order to bring the works of six Costa Rican artists to the United States. We co-founded the Blue Morphos Gallery in South Florida and began the not-so-successful business of running it.

One day I approached an art collector, Mark Morgan Ford, about buying some of our Costa Rican art. He did not buy

Mark Ford, Suzanne Snider, Guillermo Trujillo
and Isabel De Obaldia in Panama
any, but told me that he could help me market it. The first thing he did was recommend that I read his bestselling book, Ready, Fire, Aim (written under the pseudonym Michael Masterson). The book details his formula for starting and growing a successful entrepreneurial business. He then helped me test market my “product” (a key part of the formula) by showing at the Art Americas fair in Miami. We were very encouraged when I sold several pieces.

After the show, Mark suggested that we start a gallery right here in Delray Beach – and Ford Fine Art was born.

We have spent the past six and a half years building an inventory of Latin American masters from the auction houses of Sotheby’s, Christie’s, and more. Along the way, we realized that there was little information available about modern Central American art. We travel to Central America frequently to visit museums and galleries and meet established artists. What we see is an extraordinary and completely new art form – art that merges modernist ideals with the influence of indigenous cultures. We feel strongly that people need to know about these modern masters. So we decided to put everything we have learned into a comprehensive book: Central American Modernism. To produce the book, we are working with art historians, museum directors, and the artists themselves. It will be done in a large format, featuring the work of recognized modern masters from Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala. We expect to publish it in 2015.

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DECEMBER 3- 7, 2014
3011 NE 1st Ave. at NE 30th St.
Miami, Florida 33137

NOVEMBER 6- 9, 2014
2145 Park Boulevard,
San Diego, CA 92101


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