April 2010

In the Studio of Enar Cruz

Vibrant colors, emotional words, dreams and desires are expressed in faces, hands, and bodies in the paintings and engravings of Enar Cruz. Her abstract expressionist style tells stories and dreams of life, peace and the search for the magic moments in art and everyday, sometimes on paper, sometimes on linen or canvas.

Born in Costa Rica in 1971, Enar Cruz now makes her home in Marbella, Spain. Her studio/gallery, Art + Graphics, is close to the ocean and trendy Costa del Sol. The windows reflect the current theme of work. Once inside, a look to the right reveals the editions of etchings and serigraphs. The printing press is covered with a selection of fine art papers and artistís proofs.

A stairway leads to a loft-like showroom exhibiting her animated paintings and those of her husband, Lothar Cames. His abstract style repeats the strong colors but are more geometric in form.

Below the loft lies the workshop area for painting. It is alive with tubes of colors: oils, acrylics and watercolors. Easels with works in progress and stacks of completed stretched paintings line the area with drop cloths as area rugs. The work of her students melts into the profusion of color.

Enar has participated in many exhibitions since her graduation by the University of Costa Rica in 1995 with a specialization in painting and engraving. She has participated in more than 50 collaborative exhibitions and more than 24 individual exhibitions. She has received many awards and invitations to competitions in Spain, Costa Rica, the US and the Netherlands. Her work is in private and public collections in North American, Central America, and extensively in Europe.

Her paintings are often of mixed media. She effectively blends watercolors and pastels on heavy textured papers. Often printmaking techniques are used on linens and canvas with oils and collage. Sometimes stitching knits the pieces together or waxed areas dilute the vivid coloring.

Enarís studio is interesting and productive. Her home is warm and gracious. Lothar is a great cook and his love of design and music is evident. Their two lovely children, Olivia and Leonardo, are growing up in an art-filled environment as they go back and forth between the gallery and home.

Suzanne Snider, April 2010

Mujer, 1996
14 color fine art serigraph
19" x 28"

Enar Cruz and Lothar
Cames in the studio

Espera la luz, 2008
mixed media on linen
50" x 58"

Entre las aguas, 2007
mixed media on linen
44" x 56"

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