July 2010

In the Studio of Denis Núñez

Figurative, playful images in textured colors integrate the abstracted paintings of contemporary artist, Denis Núñez (born 1954). Sometimes brush on canvas, sometimes action painting with sand but always revealing calligraphic biomorphic images of the life and nature of his native Nicaragua.

The first time I met Núñez, it was in his old studio. The lanky artist and two dogs greeted me at the door along with delicious smells from the kitchen. We ascended into his aerial studio where colors and canvas collided. He showed me his work, piece by piece on the one easel located at the farthest section of the room. The parrots, goddesses, and jaguars hid amid the earthed shades of reds, yellows and blues of his rainforest series.

Recently, I visited with Denis in his new ranch style home complete with studio and not-quite-completed gallery. The dogs did not greet me, but some chickens were in the yard. A downpour on the tin roof added a cadence to the afternoon.

Besides some very large works on canvas, he was excited to show me a new project he was just putting together. It was a series of over 40 works on paper. The whole concept is unique, organized and very different from his usual work. It involves printmaking techniques, painting, scraping and multiple images created and grouped into scenarios of eight panels. Like poems or haikus, they divulge the rhythm and imagery of nature and the cultural icons of colonial Nicaragua.

Denis Núñez is mentioned in Phaidon’s Latin American Art in the 20th Century and is recognized by Ortiz-Gurdian Collection in Nicaraguan Visual Arts in the 20th Century. His curriculum vitae confirm him to be one of the most important artists living in Nicaragua today.

Suzanne Snider, July 2010

Denis Núñez

Nacimiento de Venus 2008
oil on canvas
27" x 30"

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