June 2010

In the Studio of Marcia Salas

Horses and bulls in their splendor, lush fruits and vegetables ready to be eaten, and women, full bodied and beautiful, are the forms found in the artwork of Costa Rican printmaker/painter, Marcia Salas. Her studio is conveniently located in her home in San Pedro. Pass through the living room with walls full of her paintings, always changing as she sells her work and creates new. Through the kitchen, rich with the smells of simmering soups and sides. Then step into her world of re-creating form on paper or canvas.

A warm light infuses the space through an open skylight. Sometimes a bird or butterfly finds its way into the space, lured by the smells and possibly the images. Tables filled with sketches, books and supplies create small histories. The works-in-progress organized in sections reveal Marcia’s current passions.

Marcia Salas of Costa Rica was born in 1967, in the city of San Jose. She studied printmaking and etching at the University of Costa Rica. She celebrates form and movement, often humorously. Her subjects are represented in acrylic paintings of stylized images with bold colors or in sensitive intaglio and wood cut, xilograph prints. A series of life size etchings exposing perceived feminine forms won the young artist a place in the National Museum, Museo de Arte Costarricense.

She has had fifteen individual exhibitions and participated in 65 collectives, the majority in her native country but as well in Panama, Italy, Japan, Honduras and Germany.

Salas has nine awards at the national level and three international ones: National award, Aquileo J. Echeverria, Plastic Arts, Engraving; 1st place “ University Contest ”, University of Costa Rica; Segnalato, “ Pantagruel Exlibris “, Center of Culture and Traditions of the Western Alps, Province of Cuneo, Italy; “ International Postage Stamp. Design Contest ”, Department of Mail and telecommunications of Japan, Tokyo. Japan.

A visit to Marcia Salas studio includes a delicious lunch or dinner, lots of laughter, entertainment provided by her husband, Costa Rican national poet, Minor Arrias, and their precious one-year-old baby girl…a new form for Marcia to explore, children.

Suzanne Snider, June 2010

Marcia Salas

Horses in the Moonlight, 2003
acrylic on canvas
40" x 54"

Xilographs (wood print)
38" x 82"

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