Jose Clemente Orozco
(1883 - 1949)

Jose Clemente Orozco was born in Jalisco, Mexico. He studied art at the San Carlos Academy for Fine Arts in Mexico City. He painted the way a camera takes pictures, clearly and detailed. The major art movement that influenced him was Symbolism. During an experiment in school, Orozco lost his right hand and partial sight in one of his eyes.
Orozco was very active politically throughout the revolution and witnessed its horrors first hand. He became a political cartoonist, publishing most of his work in local newspapers.
Orozco could be considered the most complex of the Mexican muralists. He was dedicated to depicting the truth and had a greater sense of realism than Diego Rivera. This is illustrated by his violent displays of conflict and chaos and misery. He realized the enormous gap between social ideals and social realities. He focused on showing personal suffering in a pessimistic, skeptical, yet sympathetic way.