Alejandro "Tarzaan" Villalobos
(b.1967, San Jose, Costa Rica)

At the age of 15, Villalobos studied with the national award winning Chinese landscape painter Ricardo Mulberry. He attended the School of Plastic Arts of the University of Costa Rica and studied the speciality of intaglio printmaking and engraving in metal. A three month scholarship to a New York print making workshop in 1990 provided vital experience for the development of his graphic and pictorial work.
Nature and the industrial world synthesize and contradict in the art of Villalobos. He mixes and creates abstracted landscapes using metallic paints and asphaltum in his paintings and monoprints. Throughout his career, he has received many national awards. He shows in Costa Rican galleries and has shown in Washington DC, at Art Miami, and at ArteAmericas 2008 in Miami.