Julio Zachrisson
(b.1930, Panama)

Julio Zachrisson is linked to the Spanish literary and artistic world. His work shows an interest in presenting, with a critical eye, the world that surround's him.
Dedicated to both painting and engraving, he lived in Mexico during struggles of the fifties. His neutral position allowed him to assimilate the visions of both sides, stimulated by the creative movement that was emerging.
Motivated by seeing some reproductions of Goya's work in 1961, he travelled to Europe. After visiting El Prado and seeing the Spanish painter's great work, he decided to stay in Madrid. Integrating into the European art world, he was able to create pieces of work with a unique personality, in which his roots and the influence of Goya, Picasso, Ernst and Klee coexist.
Zachrisson's work can be found in many museums and collections, including Biblioteca Nacional de Madrid, in Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Madrid, in Brooklyn Museum, New York, in Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art, New York, and Museo del Grabado de Buenos Aires.