Francisco Zuniga
(1912 - 1998)

Francisco Zuniga, born in Costa Rica, was a Mexican sculptor, printmaker, draughtsman and teacher. His fascination with form is evidenced in his many works of women, clothed and nude. He took as his models the indigenous women of southeastern Mexico, whom he represented standing or seated, singly, in pairs or in a group. They are women with large bodies, both heavily built and scrawny, all seemingly caught in a violent transition from youth to old age. They inhabit a dramatic silence in which there is no communication, only in rare cases do men appear. Zuniga used a variety of methods and materials, modelling in clay and plaster and also working in Carrara marble, alabaster and other kinds of stone. His preferred medium was cast bronze. Drawing served Zuniga as an essential basis for his sculpture and for his prolific production as a lithographer. His prints, some in black and others in colour, present the same subject matter as his sculptures, with an equal emphasis on the female figure.